Even if you’re on the right track, if you sit there, you’ll get run over.
— Coach Jill Ellis, USA Women's Soccer

Level Up.

Working with Morgan Mermagen will help you to expand your thinking and create new patterns of behavior. You will establish new neural networks in the brain through repetition and deliberate effor to grow. Your difficult tasks will become easy habits, and your entire team will benefit.

Topics of expertise include: Connected Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Effective Decision-Making, and Elevation of Your Professional Profile.


Your organization can be one of the many that reports an average of 500% ROI.

Here’s one example calculation.

How Does Coaching Work?

Extraordinary Leadership requires a collection of skills beyond business know-how. Morgan Mermagen will work with your Rising Leaders to uncover their unique strengths and challenges as professionals. These may include factors such as creating a broader network, motivating your team to be fully engaged, goal-setting, and feeling a sense of purpose. To develop the whole person, together we will address a range of topics to improve their professional performance.

Whatever the unique, customized assignment, Morgan Mermagen will help your leaders to construct a strategy for moving forward, and ways to remain accountable for doing so. They will learn new habits which have a lasting impact on your business, and on their lives. We work in the context of the organization’s strategic vision and goals. In alignment with this, we help each client to find their Professional Best, connecting more deeply with their colleagues, stakeholders, and clients to form more productive working relationships at every level.


It is estimated that over 60% of Fortune 500 CEOs have their own Executive Coach.

70% of the average team is not engaged at work. How would your team function if each professional was motivated to drive towards the same values and goals?

What does it cost to replace a professional who is not working at the capacity needed in your business? Compare that to the coast of a tailored coaching program. For an executive who turns it around and becomes the leader you need, the returns are exceptional.

Morgan Mermagen can be a central part of your solution.


As a colleague of Morgan’s at Goldman Sachs for more than 10 years, I came to know her as a determined and effective producer with a persistent and optimistic outlook. She was particularly skilled at developing relationships with executives at a variety of financial institutions, and her clients were extremely loyal as a result. Morgan is clear and direct, yet she never lets you forget that she cares deeply about you and your business. I highly recommend her to anyone considering working with her as a coaching professional.” -Steve Harris, Managing Director, MIAC Analytics

”As a consultant, my daily routine has been driven by the needs of the clients I serve. Morgan provided a fresh perspective and valuable feedback that supported my goals without being judgmental. Her clever way of reframing my business challenges reduced the overwhelm and turned my fits and starts into steady progress. I highly recommend Morgan to anyone who feels stalled, needs a fresh perspective, or simply wants to up their game. “

— Current Coaching Client

When I first starting working with Morgan I was navigating through my new business and really needed help. I was just stuck. Morgan helped me peel back the layers and get to the root of my why. She didn’t give me answers to fix the problems I had. Instead, she gave me so much more which showed up in the form of belief and possibility. In doing so, she helped me change my thinking and inspired my ability to move beyond patterns of behavior that influenced my feeling of being stuck. My perspective on life has completely transformed with Morgan’s help. She genuinely cared enough to not only help me through, but to also give me tools that are sustainable and that I could use every single day. She is truly gifted at what she does so effortlessly. I am forever grateful.

-T. P.


About Morgan

A Dartmouth College graduate, Morgan spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs & Co, primarily in Structured Product Sales. She worked daily with sophisticated investors on large, complex Fixed Income transactions. Morgan also worked on the advisory side of Goldman’s business, advising C-Suite executives at Financial Institutions on their Asset Portfolio Strategy.

During Morgan’s time on Wall Street, she confronted many challenges typical to a woman in a male-dominated industry. Morgan was recognized with awards for her success in mentoring and coaching other professionals at Goldman Sachs.

Morgan later attended the Lee Hecht Harrison Coach Training Program in NYC and earned an ICF Coaching Certification. She is also Certified in Hogan Assessment and Advanced Feedback.

When not coaching, Morgan enjoys sports with her family and friends. Morgan has completed two New York City Marathons, and playing and watching soccer. Morgan also loves camping and hiking with her kids, and spends as much time as possible in the summer months sailing, kayaking, and paddle-boarding on the Long Island Sound. In the winter, Morgan is an avid downhill skier. Morgan has lived in London, Toulouse, France, and New York, and currently resides in Westport, CT with her husband and four children.

Morgan has helped me so much as a coach. She is insightful, attentive and very perceptive. When I [thought I needed] to work on tactical plans, Morgan helped me to realize that the most important thing to work on was confidence in my work. That new approach has truly changed my business and given me the courage to make major changes.”

”Morgan has been a great resource to help me be more reflective as I work through my goals. She is a tremendous sounding board and has helped me commit to action and drive results.
— Current Coaching clients

I spent many years working on a trading floor with people high fiving me on some days, shouting at me on others, and often both in the same day. With so many different agendas in a high-stakes environment, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of your own performance.

How are you showing up at work, and outside of work? How do your triggers impact you, and your team?

At times when our goals are so ambitious that they feel overwhelming, how do we break down our long term goals into clear, actionable plans and stay accountable for following up?

Working with a coach is an exceptional way to delineate that path.

What would it be worth to truly exceptional? You may be in an extraordinary role, but are you really operating at your best on a personal and professional level?

Morgan is a true professional. She is kind, but direct and offers focused guidance to achieve goals. Working with Morgan provides protected time for valuable introspection which is crucial to personal and professional development.
— Current coaching Client