Successful TransitioNS PACKAGE

Your Rising Leader has been moved to a new role. You have full faith in their skill set, but do they? Maximize their confidence and performance from the get-go with a 3 month coaching program so they can hit the ground running. Investing in their performance early on will accelerate their performance exponentially.


The way your leaders connect to your clients, their reports, their boss, and your stakeholders sets the tone for the entire organization. When things go wrong, the quality of that connection makes the difference between full scale disaster, and managable crisis. We will work with your organization’s strategy and values as the context, and help your leader to deepen their relationships at every turn. The long term results will be meaningful to the whole organization.


Your leader has been tasked with a team that has bad habits and poor communication patterns. How will they transform the team into a smoothly functioning machine? Coaching the leader will facilitate this process so that they can lead by example. The results will be contagious. We also recommend a program for the team as a unit for more meaningful results.

Outside Hire PACKAGE

You have hired a new leader from another firm, or perhaps just another business unit. The group dynamics and culture are different, and your leader will find their sweet spot. Working with a coach will allow them to find their niche quickly so that they can have the maximum impact in the shortest amount of time.

You’re looking to transition to a new industry, or just back into the work force. How will you regain the confidence you had in your old role? We will work together to get your mojo back. You’ve got this!

job transition PACKAGE